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How We Work

Rocksalt Staff are the experts in classic ASP and .NET talent. We provide permanent and contract staffing solutions to businesses around Australia. Everyone at Rocksalt Staff is an ASP expert and that experience influences everything we do.

A Focus on Skills

It’s no secret that one of the greatest challenges faced by IT employers today is finding candidates with exactly the right skill set for the job. Sadly however, generalised IT recruiters often send unsuitable candidates to interviews because they don’t really understand the technology involved – but that’s where we’re different.

As experts in ASP our consultants are capable of understanding both your needs and the candidates skills down to the finest detail. That means we’ll only send you candidates that suit the brief perfectly.

An Informed Approach

Developing a detailed understanding of your needs is central to our recruitment approach. Our consultants take the time to understand your projects from both a business and technical point of view. From there we work hand in hand with you to develop the optimum candidate profile.

Quantitative Assessments

Every candidate that passes through Rocksalt Staff is subject to at least one quantative skills assessment consisting of questionnaires and practical tests based on real world scenarios. We believe that structured testing compliments traditional qualitative interviewing and together they ensure the highest possible standards.

We Believe in Service

When in comes to customer service we hold ourselves to the highest standards and we believe in exceeding customer expectations every time.

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